Welcome to course reserve! We are here to help you provide your students with free access to educational materials while remaining copyright compliant. Items requested through this system will be processed and put on Learning Suite under the “Library Resources” tab for your students. Material can also be linked to Canvas. This page will explain and demonstrate the different functions of the Course Reserve requesting system. Watch the introductory videos and or scroll through the frequently asked questions


Course reserve is a library service that provides free access to required textbooks and additional course materials! Faculty members request physical books, eBooks, book chapters, articles, DVDs and other media items. These requests are processed and put on Learning Suite under the “Library Resources” tab for students.  

  • Textbook affordability, equitable access legal, convenient for faculty (we fulfill it),
  • Convenient for students (while awaiting required texts or to use while on campus),
  • Free 

You can add TA’s or other admins to your Course Reserve list. The benefit of doing this is so someone else can manage the items (make requests, renew, etc.). 

Click on the class link/folder and look for requests marked “published” in green. If you need a request quickly please contact us and we’ll do our best to expedite your request! 

Items will automatically appear under the “Library Materials” tab in Learning Suite. If you use Canvas let us know and we’ll show you how to set up the course reserve feature.  

It depends. The University owns a copyright license that allows us to scan certain portions of items for electronic retrieval via course reserve. Sometimes we can scan significant portions. Sometimes we can scan a certain percentage. And sometimes we don’t have any coverage at all, so we need to limit the selection significantly. Just submit what you need and we’ll let you know if we have any copyright concerns! 

Nope! We will check our library holdings and if we don’t have the item you requested we will look into purchasing it or contact other libraries to borrow from their collection. 

Yes! Just bring the items to the circulation desk on the main floor of the library and talk to someone from our course reserve team. 

The default checkout period is 2 hours for physical books and 4 hours for DVDs and media items. If you would like to lengthen that checkout period just let us know and we can extend it according to your needs. 

Yes! Just call or email us and we will take care of it. 

Nothing. We will take care of it. Permission for some materials is covered by licenses the University already owns, so those are granted at no cost. Other materials are contained in the public domain, or qualify for fair use, and are therefore, covered at no cost. A small percentage of materials require paid licensing. We will contact you in this case so you can determine how you would like to proceed with the request. Place your request early (preferably 30 days prior to the date you need the resource) to ensure that your reading will be fully processed before you need it.  

It depends on how quickly you need them! Requests should be submitted 30 days before the semester start if you would like them available for the first day of class. Reserve materials must comply with copyright law and will not be placed on reserve until copyright permissions have been granted. 

Yes! Contact us and we will show you how course reserve can integrate with your Learning Management System. 

Contact Course Reserve

  • Email: library_reserve@byu.edu  
  • Phone: (801)-422-2947 
  • Address: 3445 HBLL (the 3rd floor of the library behind the circulation desk)